Paperwork making worker stressed

IQ:timecard Helps Cut Paperwork After Ex-Nurse Slams Needless Red Tape in Care Services

IQ:timecard is offering a simple and effective way to cut paperwork in home care and many other businesses, with their automated time and attendance solution – after an ex-nurse slammed the amount of paperwork that nurses and carers are expected to complete.

Ida Harries, an 84-year-old ex-nurse, spoke out about the need for ‘less form-filling’ in the world of care – whether it’s in hospitals, care homes or domiciliary care. Her claims were also backed up by a leading doctor and co-founder of a home care provider, Dr Matthew Knight, who has criticised the amount of paperwork that nurses are expected to complete, often at the expense of patient contact. “The chain of admin around the necks of doctors and nurses is killing off these professionals,” says Dr Knight.

IQ:timecard is a workforce monitoring system for remote employees, which dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork necessary in home care services. The automated solution allows employees to ‘clock in’ electronically using a mobile phone or a landline – and all data is sent to their headquarters, where it is collated in electronic graphs and charts, rather than on paper. The solution cuts the amount of time spent filling in long-winded forms and ticking boxes for those working in care and those managing the service at HQ – and it also reduces the risk of human error, resulting in a more effective service across the board.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “Many carers across the country agree with Ms Harries’ sentiments, and the views expressed by Dr Matthew Knight. Filling in forms and ticking boxes is becoming one of the most time-consuming elements of a carer’s job, and it can have a direct impact on the quality of care provided to clients. Our time and attendance solution makes the entire process quick and easy – there’s no paper involved, so no chance to lose your timesheet or fill in the wrong hours. The staff working in HR can also spend their time more productively, as they’re not bogged down with endless timesheets or other paperwork from their team.”

He adds, “Becoming totally ‘paperless’ is a long way off for many businesses, but our workforce monitoring solution can help to reduce the amount of forms and paperwork necessary to keep a domiciliary care provider functional and effective.”

IQ:timecard is fully hosted and managed, with all data stored remotely so that it’s accessible by all staff.  Remote employees call a dedicated number when they arrive a client location so that they can ‘clock in’. The information is then sent to the central HR team, who can use the built-in report functionality to monitor things like how many hours have been worked in a week, how much staff are earning, and whether they are at risk of breaching Working Time Regulations. Staff don’t need to fumble with paper timesheets, which can be lost, stolen, or filled in incorrectly – everything is automated, for a more efficient and accurate process with frees up time to focus on clients.