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With the current lockdown in place, workplaces across the UK have been forced to close, with people working from home to help contain the spread of the coronavirus infection. In some cases, this has made managing a very busy care support workforce more difficult than usual.

Through systems such as Unique IQ’s IQ:timecard, this challenge has been faced head-on. Our electronic call management software gives care managers/coordinators the ability to monitor and manage care support workers whilst temporarily working from home.

Strong communication links

Using IQ:timecard’s electronic call monitoring system, office staff can set appointments and tasks for carers out in the field whilst checking their visit attendance and service delivery.

Care managers will receive confirmation of a carer clocking in/out of a visit, including their location, through either the landline’s verification or the mobile app’s GPS lock. This information advises of the carer’s attendance, but also gives the carer peace of mind knowing someone is aware of their location in the event additional assistance is needed, a necessary requirement at a time when the elderly and vulnerable are most at risk.

Through IQ:timecard, office staff and carer communication connections are strengthened, with the ability to send information and data in a two-way manner and in real-time. The elimination of paper-based processes helps to increase productivity and reduce risk.

Powerfully user-friendly

Creating an easy to understand and efficient system is just one of the things we took into consideration when building IQ:timecard. Designed to make daily admin processes quick and efficient, the user interface of IQ:timecard has multiple features available such as creation and editing schedules in bulk, and replicating appointments across multiple visit slots.

Newly created schedules, medication and task changes can all be sent directly to a care support worker’s mobile app in real-time, ensuring they are up to date of any latest changes to a client.

Additional data is available in the form of reports, allowing office staff to quickly check compliance, including National Minimum/Living Wage, or adherence to CQC guidelines.

IQ:timecard MOBILE

IQ:timecard also has a mobile app designed for carers out in the field, available on both the Android and iPhone marketplaces as a free download for carers.

The app works alongside IQ:timecard to allow carers to quickly and easily communicate with office staff. Through the mobile app, carers can clock in and out of a visit at the touch of a button, with confirmation of their attendance being sent and received in real-time (when connected to the internet), helping to promote lone worker safety.

Our team of in-house developers are continually upgrading and adding new features to IQ:timecard MOBILE. To help respond to the current pandemic, we have added COVID-19 specific tasks as a reminder to carers to keep safe while on their scheduled visits, such as a mandatory hand washing.

As well as viewing care plans and medication history, carers can also include details of any COVID-19 related concerns in their notes about the client. The app also contains digital forms for carers to complete in the event of an accident or incident, such as contacting the emergency services in the event the client shows worsening symptoms of coronavirus.

If you would like to know more about how IQ:timecard and IQ:timecard MOBILE can help home care agencies and care support workers at this time, please contact us.

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