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IQ:timecard Encourages Home Care Providers to Future-Proof Systems and Prepare For Demographic Shift

As the UK faces a serious demographic shift and an ageing population, IQ:timecard is encouraging home care providers to future proof their systems and ensure they’ll be able to cope with the influx of staff and clients over the next decade.

Experts at the International Longevity Centre are predicting that we’ll need to more the double the number of home care workers over the next decade, taking the current workforce of 600,000 to a figure approaching 1.5m. Finding people to step into more care roles and look after our ageing population will be a huge challenge, and care providers need to ensure they have laid the groundwork and future-proofed their entire business in order to deal with the increased demand for their services.

IQ:timecard is a popular time and attendance solution that has been used to great effect by many of the country’s biggest home care providers. With a future-proofed system which will guarantee great functionality for many years, as well as the ability to add and remove hundreds of employees from the database, home care providers are being encouraged to invest in solutions like these before the great influx begins.

David Lynes, Managing Director of IQ:timecard, says, “We’re facing real social change in the UK as the baby boomers hit retirement age and many of them need in-home care provided for them on a daily basis. As a country, we desperately need to appeal for more workers to join the home care sector, but the providers also need to play their part by future-proofing their businesses right now. They won’t have the time or the wherewithal to implement brand new systems while attempting to cope with the seismic demand that will placed on their service over the next ten years – there’s no better time for home care providers to prepare for the future of their business.”

The simple and effective electronic call monitoring solution that is IQ:timecard allows managers and supervisors to accurately measure everything from hours worked to leave taken, all while ensuring their staff are arriving at client locations on time. In the coming years, when existing staff members at home care companies will be placed under extra strain to ensure all clients receive a good service, it’s monitoring solutions like these that will keep track of punctuality and attendance across entire workforces.

IQ:timecard will also make businesses more adaptable to change – something that will set them apart from the crowd in the coming years. Management will have access to the data they need to make informed decisions about their business’ policies moving forward, and they’ll be in the best possible position to coordinate their workforce’s care efforts.