Sign saying budget cuts just ahead

IQ:timecard Can Offer Savings for Home Care Providers as Norfolk Council Express Budget Fears

Norfolk County Council is calling on volunteers to help put its transformative social care plans into action, after budget cuts decimated health and social care services in the region. Now, workforce monitoring experts Unique IQ, are offering councils and care providers a way to trim their budgets and enhance service levels, in order to counteract the effects of budget cuts.

IQ:timecard is one of the country’s top remote worker monitoring solutions, and it’s already helped to deliver great savings and enhanced efficiency for many home care services, including 100 of the Home Instead franchises in the UK. With the situation in Norfolk sadly replicated in many boroughs and counties across the country, IQ:timecard are urging more care providers and councils to look at ways in which they can become more cost-efficient without sacrificing their service standards.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “Unfortunately, we’re seeing similar situations all over the country, where councils and authorities are being forced to ask volunteers and communities to help provide important social care services because of cuts. It’s never been more important for care providers to ensure they’re being efficient – and IQ:timecard can help to do that.”

With integrated payroll systems which cut out the risk of things like time theft and buddy punching, IQ:timecard can certainly save care providers money. It also carries out the job of multiple HR professionals, which can potentially save money on wages, while also freeing up time for the existing HR team to focus on other important elements of their job, rather than just time sheets.

The automated time and attendance solution is also great for scheduling and employee tracking – workers clock in at client locations and it’s all logged into a centralised system, so management teams can get a clear picture of what’s happening with a quick glance. Time is money in the world of business, so any measures that can help to save managers or employees time throughout the day should be welcomed by care providers.

Mr Lynes adds, “IQ:timecard has many features which can help care providers to trim those budgets and ensure that they’re being efficient. By automating things like scheduling and payroll systems, everyone can focus more on providing the highest standards of care, and doing it within the increasingly strict budgets forced on many authorities.”