IQ:careplanner provides just the ’digital solution’ CQC urges care industry to adopt

IQ:careplanner, a unique care planning app from UK based software expert, UniqueIQ is answering the call of a leading CQC  (Care Quality Commission) inspector. As Andrea Sutcliffe, chief inspector of Adult Social Care at the Care Quality Commission, recently encouraged care providers to adopt innovative digital technology this month, IQ:careplanner provides the virtual tool that can facilitate these changes.

The key figure of the CQC commented on the need for such a digital solution while speaking at a roundtable event held by Sekoia, a Danish based technology company. The company creates tools designed for care homes and is soon to be launched in the UK. IQ:careplanner is UniqueIQ’s home care focussed staff management solution which launched in the UK last year. However, the leading professional software developer has been helping businesses, including care providers, with its tried and tested workforce management software, IQ:timecard since 2012.

As Andrea noted technology’s potential for refining many care processes such as giving clients better independence, achieving care outcomes and enhancing care delivery, a care planning system such a IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner could paint one part of a wider digital picture that the care industry could soon be facing.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ revealed, “The need for the home care industry to embrace virtual tools have been clear for a while, and this statement is just the start of what we’re sure will be many more public testimonials, outlining the benefits that digital technology can bring to the sector.

“Using specialist software can aid the entire industry, helping everything from the initial care planning process to refining outgoing costs and improving the quality of life for clients. Ultimately, it can streamline workflows and give care providers the tools they need to deliver the best service they can. With IQ:careplanner, we help home care providers achieve this by enabling them to communicate better with their remote staff, using features real time alerts and intuitive staff assignment algorithms to make better use of limited working hours. This is offered on top of functionality that enables intelligent care planning creation and other administrative tasks.”