Two elderly people holding hands

With shopping, family and budgets to juggle, Christmas is notoriously difficult to manage. However, beyond the personal commitments there are certain professional sectors where the festive period also causes duties to ramp up, rather than slow down like many others. Home care is one of these industries, and UniqueIQ is helping businesses in this area to keep operations smooth throughout this busy season with its new care planning tool, IQ:careplanner.

IQ:careplanner launched in November after Unique IQ acquired Care Planning System, tailoring its workforce management solution, IQ:timecard towards the needs of the home care sector. In just a few months the unique, innovative features of the custom-built tool have quickly transformed the way care providers operate. By streamlining office processing, quickly coping with last-minute shift changes and with intelligent employee scheduling, home care companies are saving time and money, reaping the benefits of efficient workflows throughout this hectic month.

David Lynes, Director of UniqueIQ said, “When things get busy at work, it is easy for businesses to let things slide but in a critical sector such as home care managers must have complete control over their staff and the tasks they are assigned. The needs of home care clients don’t diminish over Christmas, and neither do the responsibilities of care providers. IQ:timecard gives managers a unique, accurate insight that can be used to ensure standards are always kept high.”

IQ:careplanner is built with features that benefit the entire home care workforce, improving workflows for care nurses, management and administration departments. With this tool, management can instantly produce effective care plans, alerting staff of their schedules in real-time while a unique ‘best matched’ function ensures that well-suited home care assistants are allocated for each job. Lone worker alerts improve safety for staff, while a document hosting portal keeps all employees up to date with client medical records and more. IQ:careplanner integrates effectively with existing HR applications, ensuring payroll is accurate, reducing the need for office processing and promoting national living wage compliance.

David Lynes continued, “Traditional methods of care planning and staff management – such as using physical time-sheets and disjointed methods of communication – waste time that home care providers cannot afford to spare. New technology such as that used in IQ:careplanner keeps even the most difficult of working days on track, using data and intelligent to plan a workforce efficiently .”