Carer sitting with elderly client

IQ:timecard keeps care to a high standard, even with reduced numbers of staff

A wide range of sectors have been facing severe staffing shortages for quite some time, however the adult care industry has been one of the sectors worst hit. As it’s revealed that the total number of adult social services’ staff has decreased by a huge 25% over the last five years, IQ:timecard, one of the UK’s top remote workforce monitoring solutions, is urging services to invest in technology in a bid to help streamline the industry and ensure that care is of the highest possible standard.

The report, released earlier this year, highlights just how much pressure there is on current adult care workers who are having to make up the work. Falling at a rate of around 10,000 per year over the last five years, they have been testing times for the industry.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “It’s no secret that staffing has been a significant problem for the adult care industry over the last couple of years, however these figures show just how much of a problem it is. Investing in useful, cost-effective solutions, such as a time management system is the best and most efficient way of making sure that individual time is managed effectively – even with decreasing numbers of staff.”

Lynes continued, “We urge any company who is worried about keeping control over their workforce whilst still allowing remote working to try out our real-time workforce management system today.”

Between 2014 and 2015, the number of workers fell from 159,403, to 120,200, highlighting the fact that the worrying trend shows no sign of slowing down. And it’s not just the adult social care sector that has been hit with staffing shortages – the care system as a whole has struggled with being short staffed, and as a result, has struggled to cope with increasing demand. Time management solutions, such as IQ:timecard, represent a valuable opportunity to increase productivity, retain high performance standards, grow job satisfaction and create supportive working environments for all involved.

Making it possible for employees to ‘clock in and clock out’ in real time, IQ:timecard helps a whole range of businesses keep track of their field employees or those who work from home. Creating a more reliable and transparent form of communication between the two, the intelligent software allows for a clear overview into the arrival and departure times of employees. Providing accurate information into the shift pattern of a worker every time – no matter where they are – that information can then be gathered by the workforce management software and logged in real-time on any tablet or smartphone.