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Implementing Mobile Workforce Strategies – Things To Consider

When a workplace is planning to implement a brand new mobile workforce strategy, there are a multitude of issues to consider. Whether they’re installing a new remote workforce monitoring solution, or they’re simply considering a change in policy, there are a massive number of reviews that must be conducted to ensure that they are still providing an excellent service.

Take a look at IQ:timecard’s list of things that will impact mobile workforce strategy – if you are considering making a change, this could be the to-do list you have been waiting for:


One of the first things that employers should look at is whether this mobile workforce change will actually increase the efficient of their workforce. Is this a change that will cut corners, or is it a change which will streamline workflows and make them more time and cost-efficient? Efficiency is a tough metric to measure, but managers should consider carefully whether they are making this change to make life easier, or whether they’re doing it to improve the workflows within their business.

Client Satisfaction

How will this change effect the client satisfaction rating? Will they be benefitting from this change, or is it a change purely intended to make the lives of employees easier? Of course, happy employees can lead to happier clients, so improving conditions for employees is never a bad thing, but it is important that businesses look at how their clients will benefit from any strategic changes.

Performance Management

How will changing your time and attendance monitoring strategy affect the way you monitor performance? Will you have more of an insight into the way your employees go about their work? Performance management should be worked into any strategic changes early on, rather than as an afterthought – it’s an integral part of managing a workforce and can help to identify and solve problem areas quickly and easily.

Constant Review

Finally, it’s crucial for managers to understand that implementing new mobile workforce strategies like this is not a one-off thing. Constant reviewing must be undertaken to examine where the strategy is succeeding and whether they are any ways in which it can be honed and improved. Implementing a new time and attendance solution? Conduct client and employee surveys three months in to decipher the general consensus on the new improvements. Changing your working hours or overtime policies? Be sure to hold regular performance meetings with your staff to check that they are happy with the changes and that their new shift patterns aren’t affecting morale.