Arts and crafts

Ideas for Creative Therapy for the Elderly

As a home care worker, you want to know you are doing the best you can to ensure your patient enjoys the best quality of life as they enter their elderly years. From listening to music to receiving massages to soothe aches and pains, we have put together a list of unusual and creative ways to bring joy to the patients you care for.


Creating artwork can be very helpful for those suffering with Alzheimers disease, and it is a great platform for patients to communicate, even when conventional methods of expression have broken down. Creating artwork together is a great way to socialise with your patient whilst allowing their minds to be filled with excitement. Use safe materials, such as paints that are not harmful if ingested as well as things that are tactile to explore the senses, such as felt or bubble wrap. Bring back old memories by encouraging them to draw a scene from a particular time such as their most notable birthday, or the day they got married and be sure to talk with them throughout the whole process. Once completed, display the finished artwork to provoke those memories time and time again.


Music is also a great way to provoke nostalgia as well as having a calming effect and improving mood significantly. Sounds, and music in particular can be a remarkable way to promote memory and is particularly useful for those suffering from Dementia. Something as simple as bringing them an album from their favourite singer to listen to can make a patient happy, or finding local community groups to organise a live show of musicians would be a well received treat for the person that you care for. For extra enjoyment, you could even bring an instrument such as a tambourine, a small drum or a harmonica to play along with the favourite song


Introducing massage therapy is a charming way to show a patient that they are cared for, and to encourage human connection. For the elderly, it is also a fantastic method for soothing aches and pains that may be caused by stiff joints or arthritis. A massage can feel very relaxing and is a powerful tool for improved wellbeing, reducing the feeling of loneliness. Including scented oils or candles for aromatherapy can also help to soothe and negative emotions and can also cause mind pain relief!