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How to Juggle Overtime, Paid Leave, and Sick Days During Winter

Small businesses can struggle during the winter with fewer employees turning up for work due to winter illness. Managing sick leave and overtime over the busy Christmas period can be daunting for companies across all sectors, but management software from IQ:timecard makes it a breeze.

According to research from the Fisherman’s Friend Cold and Flu survey 2015, a quarter of all sick days taken are attributed to the common cold. Additionally, the amount of sick days taken by UK workers are increasing, costing the economy £4.53 billion this year alone.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “Employees are more likely to fall ill throughout the winter period, so businesses must be prepared to find cover. This can be extremely difficult for sectors such as the home care industry, where house calls need to be covered at short notice. On top of increased sick leave, managers also need to consider people taking Christmas holidays and those workers putting in the extra hours.”

Payroll processes can be hugely complicated during winter for all of these reasons combined. This means it takes managers or admins even longer than usual to complete, when they have less time to dedicate to it. With the help of IQ:timecard, managers can focus their energy on other important aspects of the business knowing that payroll will be accurate and automatic.

The reliable management program clocks up hours worked for each employee over the week or the month, and automatically calculates how much staff should be paid. This cuts out the tiresome job of reducing pay for staff who have taken time off sick, or making sure overtime is paid for staff who have worked extra hours. The system makes sure employees are only paid for the hours they have worked, giving managers time to arrange cover and run the business at this difficult time of year.

Mr Lynes added, “Sick leave affects organisations of all sizes, and can leave a huge burden on managers and other staff members. However, sick days are inevitable for contagious colds not to spread throughout the company. The best thing businesses can do is to be prepared for the worst, and implement measures to ensure the business can run smoothly throughout the winter period.”

For more information about IQ:timecard and how the software assists organisations over the holiday period, visit the website: https://www.uniqueiq.co.uk