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How to inspire your team

Managing a team of different personalities with a range of skills and responsibilities can be a challenge, but there are some steps you can take to inspire your team and improve their work.

Engaged and happy employees are more productive, loyal and focused. While the benefits of an energised team are clear the methods to achieve this can be difficult, especially if your team works remotely. Try these tips to get your employees to always give their best performance.

1. Create a common purpose – Give all of your staff a common purpose to create a unified team that is working towards a goal. Whatever this purpose is, it should reflect business objectives and be clear of what the benefits are, for instance, an aim to improve customer satisfaction means clients are more likely to come back for repeat business and improve revenue.

2. Provide opportunities to improve – Many people want to improve their skill set and work towards bigger opportunities. Providing employees with the chance to attend training courses or learn new skills related to their position can help to keep your whole team motivated.

3. Be consistent in your message – Having an inconsistent message about what you want staff members to do can leave them confused, frustrated and demotivated. Be consistent in your message, whether you want to improve customer interactions or drive sales, and reflect it in your own actions too.

4. Recognise their efforts – When your employees do exceptional work make sure you recognise and praise their efforts. It can be as simple as saying thank you or you could create a rewards system to encourage all of your team to keep striving to achieve more.

5. Let them be part of the innovation process – If you’re coming up with new ways of working or operations, let your employees be involved in the innovation process. Not only could it give you a new perspective and useful insight, but it will help staff feel as though they are part of the wider picture and have a stake in the company.

6. Identify the strengths of each member – Every member of your team will have different strengths, learning what these are and then incorporating your findings into the tasks and responsibilities you give each employee can lead to a boost. Knowing that their doing a good job and meeting expectation tends to lead to happier members of staff who then, in turn, work more productively.