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How to help your workforce manage time effectively

In order to ensure that clients are kept happy, tasks are completed and a good level of momentum is kept up in your office, it is important to help your workforce to manage their time effectively. Some members of your team will consistently be organised, efficient and excellent at time management naturally, while others may need a little extra help to ensure that routine is in place, and targets and deadlines are met. As a manager or business owner it is your responsibility to do what you can to guide those workers that need a little assistance, putting the right tools and techniques in place where necessary. We’ve listed some tips and advice for those that are responsible for a workforce in need of an extra boost…

Start with the basics

If a member of staff has trouble turning up to a shift on the time they are required, then completing their tasks in a time efficient way once they are there is also sure to be a problem. Make things easier for them by investing in handy time and attendance software, such as IQ:timecard. Using this, employees can have instant access to their working times for the week at the touch of a button. This increased awareness of when they are expected to be at a shift could help to ensure that they get there on time.

Set goals

If your employee is not set targets for when to complete a task by they are likely to spend a long time completing just one thing. Encourage your staff to set themselves goals for each day, or work with them to create a schedule. You will be amazed at how much faster people will work when they have smaller, manageable targets to achieve throughout a day!

Plan days ahead

Approaching each day with a clear idea of what needs to get done is a great way to ensure that it will happen (and will help your staff when setting goals for each shift, as discussed previously) Encourage your workforce to spend the last few minutes of each working day by reflecting on what was completed, and starting to plan a schedule for the next. Any tasks that were not finished can be moved over onto the next day or shift, making sure that they are not forgotten about and keeping up momentum. For remote or shift based workers, having a clear understanding of the days that they are working that week will help them with planning ahead and managing their tasks. IQ:timecard uses a ‘my day’ feature which allows workers to see an overview of when they are expected to work during that day, and week.

To learn more about how a time and attendance solution can improve the efficiency of your workforce, head online for a free demo of the IQ:timecard software.