Cleaning the floor

How do you train your cleaning staff?

Training and development of employees can be a vital part of any organisation, especially when running a company that requires special skills, techniques and attitudes to be possessed by members of staff in order to do well. The contract cleaning industry is one of these sectors where a consistent ‘refresh’ of skills and reassurance of brand values in needed so that staff can provide the same service to the same, high level – this means that clients can expect a certain level of work when using your company, guaranteed.  It can be hard however to implement an effective training strategy that works for you and your staff.

A rounded approach

ISS UK, a leading service provider with branches in the cleaning industry, has developed a training programme that has gained endorsement from the British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) – this programme could prove to revolutionise training within the contract cleaning sector.

This five-stage programme aims to develop skills for members of staff at all stages in their cleaning career, focussing on the many situations that are faced daily by their staff. Emphasis on creating a consistent level of teamwork, culture and skills development is placed on this training course, to leave all members of staff with a consistent technical skillset and attitude towards work.

Conventional paper and audio-visual learning materials are used, as well as fast and interactive training sessions. Employees are offered support in their development throughout the course, and are encouraged to continue to read and take-away their learning resources to continue their learning.

Third party support

Although this training programme no-doubt will harbour results, gaining support for your course and development procedures from a third party (such as ISS UKs endorsement by BIFM) adds value to your organisation, and your staff within it. New clients and new sectors can be sure that they will receive a, benchmarked, standard of service from your organisation and employees can also be confident in their skills having completed the course.

How do you train your cleaning staff?

The example from ISS UK proves to be a great example of how cleaning companies can change their approach to training in order to ultimately provide a better service for their clients. With a focus on creating a united working mind-set as well as developing practical skills, for staff of all working levels within your company, can build a better workforce ultimately.

Will you be re-thinking your training routine? Can you think of other ways in which to train your cleaning staff successfully?