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How Contract Cleaning Companies can prepare for Industry Growth in 2016

Despite the new National Living Wage dampening profitability, the cleaning industry is set for unrivalled growth in 2016. A new report suggests that there will be £100 million increase across the sector. However, to make the very most of this cleaning companies need to streamline their processes and increase efficiency.

The report compiled by MTW research is based on analysis of the top 70 British cleaning contractors. It identifies the specialist-cleaning sector as one area that will rapidly expand in the next year. The new wage controls see a marked increase in the price of hiring staff but this can be compensated through investment.

MTW’s James Taylor said, “Cleaning companies will need to increase productivity and differentiate through better staff management, more efficient equipment, enhanced levels of monitoring and communication, Internet of Things (IoT) automation and integration of new technologies if they are to succeed.”

Long-term growth in the sector is even more attractive with an estimated £500 million in further contracts by 2020.  However, all these predictions should be taken with caution. Some of the lower value contracts will suffer as facilities management companies grow and exploit economies of scale. Smaller contractors need to adapt much more rapidly to this changing marketplace in order to remain competitive.

How to Prepare

Technology is key to the sectors continued growth. New Internet of things enabled gadgets and robots are being introduced to speed up the cleaning process. While this may represent a major investment for the majority of cleaning contractors, it will make companies more efficient and better able to meet the demands of their clients. It can be seen as a long-term investment that will create many future benefits.

There has been a large proliferation of new technology in the cleaning sector.  However, a new trend for environmentally friendly cleaning contractors is also on the rise. This will see companies take a step back in time using classic products like vinegar, which will ensure that the environmentally friendly customer is satisfied.

Services like IQ:timecard will also help the cleaning industry to grow. The ability to easily monitor the hours of remote workers will allow cleaning contractors to streamline their back office. This will lead to a reduction in the overall number of admin staff, which will cut costs and therefore help to increase profits.

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