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How automated time planning software revolutionises the facilities management sector

There are many jobs that require high levels of organisation, but the facilities management sector is one where strategic planning and impeccable timekeeping is particularly key to workers within this role. Responsible for managing all services that help to keep a particular workplace running, you may be in charge of arranging a large number of outsourced and contracted work including cleaners, builders, security staff and more. It is important to have a clear overview of the schedule and shift patterns of this external workforce, yet this can present challenges of its own when operating in such a segmented way.  Automated time planning software such as our solution, IQTimecard, can revolutionise the facilities management sector, streamlining staff deployment and payroll for remote workforces.

When working with external companies, communication is key. Workforce management software plays a vital role in improving this.

IQ:timecard is available as an app and can be used on all smartphones and tablets, meaning that the features of the system can be easily accessed at the swipe of a screen. Using this, a facilities manager can easily notify a contractor of when they are expected to work that week, with any updates or changes to shift being edited and updated in real-time. Confusion over expected working hours is reduced, resulting in better efficiency and productivity overall.

Another challenge for facilities managers is that fact that much of the work that needs to be done in order to maintain a functioning workplace can only be completed outside of working hours, meaning physical contact between the manager and the contracted staff is minimal. Large levels of trust is required between these two parties to ensure that expectations are met. With IQ:timecard, this trust is replaced by data. Employees log their arrival and departure time as it happens using the handy app, which is then sent straight to a web-based dashboard for management to analyse. Even if you are in charge of a multitude of office buildings based in different locations, the GPS capabilities of IQ:timecard means that the exact location of staff during any shift can also be seen, further assisting in the management process.

With this improved insight it is easy for facilities managers to understand where action needs to be taken in order to achieve a high-performing workforce, with absences, lateness and other productivity issues becoming much clearer to see.

There are numerous ways in which an automated and time and attendance solution can transform the way that facilities managers operate. Find out how and book a free demo online today!