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Home Care Providers Urged to Plan for ‘Arctic’ Winter with Time and Attendance Solutions

After Vantage Weather warned that Britain will face an ‘Arctic’ winter in 2014, workforce management solution IQ:timecard is speaking out to ensure that home care providers are fully prepared for the freezing conditions. Forecasters are warning that, after a relatively mild summer, Britain will be battered by brutal winds and blizzards for much of this year’s cold season, putting extra pressure on domiciliary care providers to be on top form.

IQ:timecard is one of the UK’s leading time and attendance solutions, and the experts behind the technology are urging home care services to ensure they can keep track of their staff during inclement weather, as well as being able to manage schedules more flexibly in the event of snow or other adverse conditions.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “If the experts are correct in their predictions, this year’s winter could be one of the worst on record, and many of our home care clients will face extra pressure to ensure their own customers are taken care of. The winter is traditionally very busy for providers of domiciliary care, and adverse weather can wreak havoc – snow, wind, hail and storms can cause travel issues for employees, and the cold weather can result in a rise in emergency calls from clients, which means managers need to be extra flexible in their scheduling.”

He adds, “Our electronic call monitoring solution allows employers to see if and when their staff arrive at client locations, which is incredibly useful when there are traffic issues. The automated scheduling features also make it much easier to plan ahead for the cold weather and dispatch staff to a location if there’s a problem – something that could be potentially life-saving during the winter months.”

As councils stock up on grit and businesses around the country review their contingency plans for such adverse weather, IQ:timecard is encouraging the home care community to ensure they are fully prepared for the cold season. Many providers will employ extra staff in order to increase the number of visits they make to clients, and some services will offer overtime to their existing employees to take on the increased workload. IQ:timecard can help make all of these tasks easier by banishing lengthy paperwork, automating the payroll process and ensuring that all employees are tracked and monitored as they carry out their daily visits. The simple system is easy to implement and a great asset for home care employers as they go into the predicted ‘Arctic’ winter.