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‘Home care must change public image’ warns Unique IQ

In 2016, healthcare related news stories largely focussed on subjects such as unfair pay, stretched staff and bad conditions, resulting in a lack of public confidence. The home care industry, alongside the wider healthcare industry is in need of a dramatic ‘image overhaul’ in 2017, says workforce management software developer, Unique IQ. This can only be done by addressing the issues that these news stories report, and with its innovative system for care planning and management, the technology expert hopes to tackle these challenges.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ revealed, “Home care companies provide a vital service that the British public rely on. As the population ages and the need for this becomes a reality for many people, the industry needs to work hard to enlist trust in the public once more. In 2017, negative news stories can be turned into positive ones, but only if we make positive changes.

“Our care planning software, IQ:careplanner hopes to drive this positive change, empowering home care providers with the means to make better use of their resources, ultimately offering nothing but great, satisfactory care to its clients rather than further damaging reports.”

Amongst other negative accounts, care company Sevacare fell under fire in 2016 for underpaying staff, one of many similar stories. Payment is one area that IQ:careplanner refines, using real-time attendance data and analysis tools to safeguarding the sector for the future.

David Lynes, Director of Unique IQ continued, “Our system enables staff to clock in and out of each shift in real time, logging this data, while each worker’s timetable can be viewed at any time on a digital screen and updated as soon as changes occur. Thanks to this, expected and actual hours worked is transparent to staff and management. Should any pay disputes arise, this data is invaluable.”

In addition to this, Unique IQ’s years of technical expertise is apparent in other features of IQ:careplanner, developing further modules for intelligent staff scheduling, invoicing, care plan production, compliance reporting and providing a care worker portal for sharing medical records.