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Home Care Efficiency is Hot Topic as Talk of English Devolution Increases – IQ:timecard Offers Premium Solution

Scotland has voted ‘no’ to independence, but councils across the country are now engaging in debates about devolution from Westminster, which could see them granted greater control over things like social care and domiciliary care services in England. With reports proving that councils in Manchester and Birmingham could be better primed to make these decisions than the central parliament, IQ:timecard, the time and attendance solution used throughout the home care industry, is encouraging councils to consider their options carefully and make the decision that benefits clients.

IQ:timecard is a workforce management system that already serves many in the home care industry – and if councils are given greater power to manage their public sector home care services, it could become an invaluable asset to those in charge. Currently used across the country as part of Home Instead, the leading private sector home care provider, IQ:timecard could be the solution that unites payroll, scheduling and remote employee management to ensure consistently excellent service for public sector home care clients.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “All the talk this week has been about devolution, granting greater power to local areas to manage their affairs – and it could have an impact on everything from tax to home care across the country. If councils are called upon to wield their power over home care services, IQ:timecard already has a proven track record of success in the industry and is an invaluable asset for home care providers attempting to work to strict budgets while providing consistently high quality services.”

In recent weeks we’ve seen Unison Cymru call for greater support for home care providers, and with Scotland and many parts of England arguing for more power over regional matters like home care, these issues could soon be in the hands of local councils.

IQ:timecard is a simple electronic call monitoring system that integrates with payroll in order to provide a comprehensive workforce management solution. Workers can clock in and out from remote locations, time theft is decreased and analytics on employees can easily be gathered – and the system’s payroll integration also puts an end to extensive paper timesheets and the long-winded monthly processes that are the bane of many HR and payroll departments.

With the new power will come new challenges, and IQ:timecard will be there to navigate all of them with councils and official authorities providing all care services that employee remote workers. Social care for children and adults, domiciliary care for the elderly and other supporting positions could all benefit from a comprehensive solution like this, which increases efficiency while minimising outlay.