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How Is The Health and Home Care Industry Modernising?

There is no doubt about it – the home care industry is facing huge changes over the next few years, as all sectors come to embrace technology and the benefits it can offer them. We are now more ‘connected’ than ever, and this is leading to improving care standards across the whole health and home care industry thanks to the advancements that have been made in modern technology. Take a look at some of the gadgets and innovations that are facilitating this change:

Home Monitoring With great strides forward being made in video recording equipment, and the ability to stream moving images across an internet connection to any compatible device, relatives and care companies are now available to monitor elderly or disabled people when they are home alone. Though this form of technology is on the expensive side, the price will only drop as technology develops and this method of monitoring vulnerable people in their homes will become more prevalent over the next few years.

Remote Thermostats and AlarmsIn the past, alarm systems and thermostats have only been able to provide alerts to those in the immediate vicinity. Now, with cloud technology and the ability to send messages via the internet, care companies can be notified when a client’s home drops below a certain temperature, or when their alarm goes off for whatever reason. A rudimentary version of this has been around for many years, in elderly communities where alarm systems were linked to a warden’s office in close proximity, but these new developments will allow for a greater standard of care across the board.

Workforce Monitoring Care companies have been given a great boost by the developments made in workforce monitoring systems. With innovations like IQ:timecard, companies can see exactly when staff arrive at a client’s home, and can track the time that they leave, to ensure that the appropriate time has been taken to administer care and assistance. This also helps to cut costs for these companies and allows them to channel their budgets elsewhere.

Paperless Systems When pen and paper were the only source of note-taking for care workers who visit the homes of elderly and vulnerable patients and clients, there was often a level of human error or disorganisation that could lead to notes and forms being misplaced or filled out incorrectly. Paperwork can also be a lengthy process, and care staff can sometimes get caught up in filling out forms rather than giving the care that is needed. With paperless software and electronic call monitoring solutions that enable issues like taking client notes and clocking in and out to be handled remotely, care companies can focus solely on providing the very best standards of care and assistance necessary without worrying about red tape and endless paperwork.