Business people with laptop meeting in lobby

The Future of HR Departments

With the emergence of intelligent new technologies has come a series of significant changes for contemporary workforces. In particular, the age of employee self-service has led to the question of whether or not human resources departments retain their relevance. It’s a controversial concept so we’ve delved a little deeper into what the future really holds for HR departments and their personnel.

What roles does software take on?

Before the days of advanced technology and purpose built HR software it was necessary for businesses to dedicate an entire department to the arena of employee management. From changing banking information and updating addresses to chasing up incorrect pay and tracking clocked hours, the HR team was on-hand to help. Now, many businesses have replaced human labour with intelligent software programmes that can take on a multitude of these tasks.

For example, keeping track of employee hours can now be automated thanks to innovative solutions such as IQ:timecard. Engineered to revolutionise, economise and optimise the remote workforce management process, the fully hosted and managed electronic call monitoring (ECM) application provides real time information on off-site workforce activity.

Saving businesses salaries

When employees are able to self-manage it essentially eliminates the need to pay someone else to do it for them. For businesses this represents significant salary savings.

Has technology rendered HR departments obsolete?

While technology has revolutionised the employee management process it has not completely replaced the need for human HR departments. Rather, it has transformed and changed their roles in order to streamline HR operations across the board. If HR departments embrace and adapt to these new technologies they’ll find themselves enjoying a faster, smarter and more efficient workplace.

What’s in store for the future?

So if both technology and human HR employees are here to stay, what’s in store for the future? One of the biggest predictions is the downsizing of HR departments. New technologies will inevitably reduce the need for staff which will see teams become smaller and more tight knit. For businesses this means savings in the form of smaller salary budgets. For HR personnel it means a more intimate and collaborative working environment.  Industry analysts also predict that a specialisation of roles is in on the horizon. With software now able to manage simpler tasks HR professionals will need to give themselves a competitive edge by specialising in more complex areas. From a technological perspective HR departments will also start to utilise analytics and big data in order to amplify their value.

Rather than be at loggerheads, HR personnel and HR software should work together to augment operations, increase efficiency and offer employees a streamlined HR experience.