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Feel-good activities to re-energise home care workers

It’s no secret that working as a home care assistant is a strenuous job, even when your days are managed and streamlined using intelligent time and money saving software! Just as it is your job to look after the wellbeing of your clients, it is also important to take care of your own health in order to reduce the risk of burning out and to ensure you maintain a happy, healthy, positive attitude.

Here we’ve rounded up some feel-good activities to re-energise home care workers, perfect to pass the time during those (few) spare moments you have!

Have a pamper day/night

When your job involves being on the go all the time, there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some ‘me time’ to pamper yourself. Whether your idea of chilling out involves baths, books and candles or simply indulging in a movie marathon in the genre of your choice, switching off, even for a few hours, can help to recharge those batteries.

Re-connect with friends and family

As a home care assistant you are probably aware of the huge benefits that social interaction can have on your wellbeing, encouraging your clients to take part in group activities as part of their care package. In your spare time, why not follow your own advice? With social media it is easier than ever to re-connect with friends and family who you haven’t seen in years.

Take up a new hobby

They say that variety is the spice of life, so take up a new hobby to shake up your weekly routine. Because your hours as a home care worker are often unpredictable, go for a ‘pick up and play’ type class with no commitments, and one that allows you to come on the days or weeks when it is possible for you. Whether you have always wanted to try your hand at dancing, or want to unveil your inner artist, a quick search online is sure to point you in the right direction of a wide range of weekend and evening classes!

Head outdoors

It can be easy to forget how energising it can be to head outdoors, especially if you live and work in an urban environment. Whether it is a visit to your local park, or a longer road trip away to the countryside, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying beautiful views can be a great way to unwind.

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