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Why evidencing service delivery is important for building trust with clients

Every business in every sector is responsible for delivering a service. As such, an organisation is built on trust, with each new client gained on the basis that they will receive the service that the business advertises. However, being able to showcase that they are ‘keeping their professional promise’ is simpler for some sectors than others. For industries that operate with a mobile workforce, such as contract cleaning or care providing, being able to evidence service delivery is critical for building trust within the workforce and ultimately, with clients.

Trust within the workforce

Cultivating a culture of trust within any remote workforce is key to the success of any business. Management and senior leaders must be confident that their staff can and are providing the services that they claim to deliver. Failing to do so can result in payroll fraud as well as unsatisfied clients, causing a businesses reputation to fall.

Traditionally there was no way to monitor service delivery, using only out-dated timesheets to log when staff had arrived and departed a site. Such methods often lead to false data, can easily be forged and do not provide the accuracy needed for management to be confident in what they are providing for their clients.

The features included in IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner  can help to evidence service delivery alongside other operational tasks. Using intelligent real-time data with geo-location referencing it is possible to gain actual insight into the working pattern of staff.

Better client relationships

With this evidence of service delivery, actual data can be used to re-assure and enlist confidence in clients. For example, if a facilities manager is responsible for ensuring an office is maintained to a clean standard, they can answer any queries a client may have using this data. Even without being present on the site themselves, they can show the client when the team of cleaners arrived and departed the site. With such real-time, accurate data, it is possible to build better, long-term client relationships.

Quality audits and CQC inspection

Beyond these benefits, evidencing service delivery has practical uses in certain sectors such as home care. During regular inspections, it is possible to showcase to CQC and other auditors the consistency and standard of work that a company provides. And by constantly receiving ‘outstanding’ inspection results or passing quality audits thanks to this evidence, trust is ultimately built with clients.

Amongst their other features, IQ:timecard and IQ:careplanner make it possible to evidence service delivery. Find out how with a free demo.