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Eliminating Time Theft

The world is an honest place. Or is it?

Think about it. If you are tracking staff with a manual paper time sheet or a paper punch card time clock system, even your most trusted staff members who always turn up for work early and most days leave late, are not always doing so for the right reasons.

Let look at a possible scenario:- You employ 30 members of staff who on average are paid £7 per hour and work 30 hours per week. During a normal working week, employees clock in 10 minutes early at least twice a week and clock out 5 minutes late twice a week. Due to the limitations on the manual paper sheets and a limitation on your time working through each employees timesheets, you end up paying for an additional 30 minutes per employee per week. In monetary terms this equates to an additional £105 per week or more worryingly £5460 per year!

And don’t forget, this is just the additional costs for what you would class as your reliable employees!

Think about the opposite and more likely scenario when you are paying out the same figures if not more for those who arrive late but omit to put that on their timesheet, or take an extra few minutes for lunch.

With a web based time attendance application that can cap the working hours quickly and easily and track the right clocking in and clocking out times, the savings that can be made will always outweigh any necessary spend to have the system in place.