phone showing an alert

When dealing with staff who work remotely, you want the reassurance that they are completing their visits and ideally you want to be able to monitor them. Investing in Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) can help support the home care delivery your staff are providing. How does it do this? Well…

Using a telephony system to clock in and out of a location ensures you that your employees are at your client’s location and therefore gives you the reassurance that your employees aren’t missing any appointments.

This system also allows for you to keep track of lone workers whilst out on the road, which gives your employee reassurance that they are safe as well as giving you the peace of mind that you can track where they’re going.

If a care worker doesn’t call in at the location or they clock in from somewhere that isn’t your client’s location, you will be able to tell due to the landline verification which is associated with your client’s location.

Not only does ECM help with the monitoring of your staff but it also helps reduce the admin time in your business, as you will instantly be able to tell if an employee has missed a shift and office staff will receive an instant notification, saving the time that would otherwise be spent requesting information.

Businesses who have used ECM have seen a 70% cutback in office admin time, all thanks to the real-time data. As it is so easy for your employees to clock in and out as well, their top priority can be attending to the job at hand and therefore providing a better quality of service to their service-user, rather than having to manually clock in. Because it’s easier to monitor the remote workers, your office staff will save time as they no longer need to take time out to chase carers, and the carers will not have to take time out to return these calls and pass the information on.

It really is worth the investment as you have the ability to enhance the delivery of care from your staff, as well as giving you and your staff the reassurance that appointments are being attended.

ECM is just one small part of our entire Electronic Monitoring Solution which also helps you monitor your delivery in real-time. Start benefiting from real-time alerts today and click the link to learn more about how you can improve the delivery of care from your staff.

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