A careworker uses an electronic call monitoring system

What is Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM)?

Electronic Call Monitoring or ECM is a system that lets businesses record the times, locations and activities of remote employees electronically – providing assurance and evidence that visits were attended and helping to keep both employees and clients safe.

Traditionally, Electronic Call Monitoring systems were operated via telephony systems using a landline to verify location, but now it’s becoming more common for employees to use a dedicated clocking in app.

Why use an Electronic Call Monitoring System?

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Electronic Call Monitoring is an essential tool for many businesses that manage remote employees and provide services across multiple sites over different geographical areas. This can be especially helpful for a business that delivers home care or cleaning services.

Using a telephony system or scheduling app lets employees clock in and out of a location seamlessly, creating a definitive record of a completed visit. Not only does this provide reassurance that employees aren’t missing any appointments, but can also be used in conjunction with timesheets and payroll software to ensure that wages are paid accurately. 

Electronic Call Monitoring systems also allow businesses to keep track of lone workers whilst out on the road, which gives added reassurance that they are safe, especially when they are working late, unsociable hours.

In addition, ECM can also help businesses improve the continuity and quality of their service. For e.g, a missed visit would be flagged to the system operator – which would allow them to react quickly and ensure that something can be done to remedy the issue. Not only does this help with the monitoring of staff, but it also helps reduce the time spent on administrative tasks.

At Unique IQ, we believe that technology has the power to improve the lives of those receiving home care. For every minute saved, from time lost to filling in complicated paper forms or checking manual diaries – we are helping care workers with technological solutions that give them more time to focus on the most important thing – care.

ECM is just one small part of our workforce management software and home care scheduling software solutions. Our care management software offers a comprehensive and complete array of features that can help care providers accelerate their service offering and provide digital solutions to analogue problems.

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