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Dramatic Cuts to Social Care Services Mean Private Home Care Businesses Must Optimise Funds Wisely

With significant cuts to adult social care services putting private companies under enormous pressure to provide high-quality care at very low prices, IQ:timecard is helping businesses cut costs and maximise their budgets with its electronic call monitoring system. As billions of pounds of funding is cut in the name of austerity, many private providers are feeling the strain, but by streamlining payroll systems and reducing the risk of time theft with a remote workforce monitoring solution, they can make the most of their diminished budgets and give clients the premium care they need.

More than £2.68bn has been cut from the adult care service sector since 2011, and the annual ADASS survey of the social care budget has shown a pessimistic outlook from directors of these care services. 50% of them said that care providers were facing financial difficulty, while three in ten said that fewer people could access the services that they needed as a result of the cuts.

IQ:timecard is a time and attendance solution that helps to restructure payroll systems into a more organised, efficient setup, monitoring the workforce effectively and minimising time theft among remote workers. The money saved can be used to provide the care that many clients are currently missing, and can help with the future expansion of many home care providers.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “The nationwide austerity drive has meant that many home care providers are struggling to meet certain standards, and with an ageing population requiring more in-home care than ever before, the industry is under great strain. Our remote workforce monitoring solution can help home care providers, as well as those in other sectors like contract cleaning and security, to minimise their costs across the board and make the most of restricted budgets. By revolutionising payroll systems and ensuring that employees are only paid what they have earned, money is freed up for care providers to focus on offering a premium service for their vulnerable clients.”

IQ:timecard does the work of several people, reducing not only the time spent on monitoring payroll activity, but also the risk of human error that could result in overpaid wages or erroneous transfers. Management teams and HR departments will have plenty of time freed up to focus on supporting their staff, and the money they save with the accuracy of the payment structure will allow them to provide a higher quality service for clients.

The monitoring system also reduces the risk of time theft that can be a key issue when managing remote employees that are unsupervised as they work. Employees must clock in using the service when they reach a client’s location, and they are only paid for the hours that they have worked. This efficient monitoring solution allows for more accurate payroll data and allows businesses to streamline their outgoings, utilising their budgets where they are most needed.