Person sitting down with sad face on a piece of paper put infront of them

Do your employees feel ignored?

How well do you know your staff?

Working in HR or within management for an organisation means that you are responsible for the wellbeing of your staff, however it can often be difficult to gage how your employees really feel about the working environment that you cultivate. Are your colleagues happy? Do they feel like they can grow within your company? Do your employees feel ignored?

A report by One4all Rewards Spotlight Awards revealed that around 41% of workers surveyed said that their professional efforts would often not be rewarded by management. It is likely that these statistics are even higher within a remote workforce, where there is less interaction between staff and senior employees.  This lack of contact could result in regular good performance being missed or overlooked with workers feeling isolated as a result.

What results in reward at your workplace?

In order to receive praise, many (21%) of the people surveyed felt the need to work outside of their allocated hours regularly, or to constantly exceed targets. Creating a culture where staff feel the need to consistently push themselves too hard in order to gain recognition could lead to a high proportion of your workforce becoming stressed and burning out.

Creating an environment in your remote workforce where staff are congratulated for simply doing their job well, without the need to work over-time and tire themselves out, can have many benefits – they will be motivated to continue to upkeep this level of work, they will be happier and as such more productive and they will be loyal to your company meaning you will have higher levels of staff retention.

Here’s how to create a healthy, rewarding workforce culture

First, you need to decide what it is that makes a ‘good worker’ to you and your company. Simple things like arriving to a shift, and leaving on time are admirable qualities and good habits that can lead to good working patterns – especially within a remote workforce, having staff that arrive at a time that is expected means that your external clients are never let down.

A solution such as IQTimecard can help management to keep track of this working pattern data. As workers log in and out of their shift, their timings are inputted into a web-based system, allowing for a clear overview to be seen. From this, it is will be easy to notice which employees are consistent, and so, which employees to reward.

Public recognition is a great way to congratulate staff, perhaps in a weekly e-newsletter, or on any internal communications that you have in place at your company. Alternatively, scheduling a meeting or phone call in which to give performance feedback is a great opportunity to inform your staff that you are thankful for their regular good effort. Those that are truly working well, and on target will appreciate being treated to extra time off to say thank you. Giving them an extra role or responsibility to develop their skills also shows that you value them within your company.

Do you think your employees feel ignored? What steps will you be taking to build a more rewarding workforce culture? Let us know!