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Managing your workforce is essential in creating and developing an effective team. Taking into consideration the multiple interests of your whole team and manipulating this to optimise performance can be difficult – but will essentially increase the overall productivity and communication throughout your company.

To utilise this technique to your advantage, you must know how and when to delegate by having an overall plan, setting expectations and identifying key roles in the team. With this in mind, we have identified five key advantages to delegating efficiently to your team:

Increased Availability for More Strategic & Productive Tasks

Tasks, such as administration work, can take up a lot of your time. By delegating these smaller tasks to your team, it allows your time to be freed up – and consequently increasing productivity by creating space for you to be more strategic in the tasks you select for yourself. This also increases the responsibilities of your workforce and can be used as a motivational strategy by creating a trusted relationship with your team.

More Can Be Achieved

When effective delegation is implemented in your team, then more work can be achieved overall in a certain period-of-time. Delegating certain jobs to employees who you know can complete the task quickly and effectively will ensure that team workloads are completed quicker and therefore frees up time for more to be achieved.

Work Can Be Completed in Your Absence

As a manager or director, you may need to be absent in the office due to your busy schedule. If the workforce is prearranged correctly, then main tasks can be worked on and completed even when you aren’t in the about. Giving new and exciting tasks to your employees will not only motivate them to work harder but will also train them up to complete responsibilities in your absence.

Enhanced Trust from Your Employees

When delegating tasks throughout your workforce, you will inevitably build a culture of trust throughout your company. Giving the employee greater responsibilities and more important tasks, the employee will gain a greater level of self-worth and esteem, creating an overall better working culture in your organisation.

Increased Flexibility from Your Workforce

When you move around delegated tasks within your team, then flexibility will increase. If there is only one singular person in the team that can complete a vital task, then disaster can strike if they are unavailable or off sick. Ensuring that more than one employee can carry out certain tasks is vital in the flexibility and overall success of your organisation.

Both of Unique IQ’s products, IQ:careplanner and IQ:timecard, are both fully integrated with an automated digital workforce scheduling system. This gives you the ability to schedule to allocate employees based on sustainable factors such as availability and qualifications.

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