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What To Consider When Choosing A Time And Attendance Solution

So, you’ve decided to trade in the slow, expensive, time-consuming manual recording of time and attendance records for your employees. What’s the next step? There are many things you should consider when choosing a time and attendance solution – here we take a look at a few of them.

  1. 1.   Scale

The more employees you have, the tougher it can be to keep track of all the crucial information they amass throughout the day. Large businesses with many employees often say that it’s crucial that their time and attendance solution is integrated with payroll and scheduling software, to ensure everything works efficiently and to reduce the amount of manual data input that needs to be done at managerial level.

  1. 2.   Location

If your company operates over many locations, how will you solve this problem? Is there a mobile element to the time and attendance solution you are considering? For instance, in the home care industry, employees are completely mobile all of the time – how will you track their time and attendance accurately? Cloud computing and many of the other technological advancements of the last five years are currently stepping up to help businesses that have this problem, but it’s important for the decision-makers to ensure that reporting and monitoring can be carried out remotely.

  1. 3.   Data Collection

How will your data be collected? There are various different methods that all have their advantages and downsides. Swipe cards are quick and easy to formulate and implement, but they can be lost or stolen, causing many problems. Online entry can allow employees to enter their own hours, which removes the pressure on managers to input all the data, but leaves the system open to exploitation and time theft. There are biometrics and similar systems, where identification of unique characteristics (such as fingerprints or irises) help to identify how many hours are worked and align them to certain employees. This method is least open to abuse but is highly expensive. Electronic call monitoring solutions are a cost-effective method of monitoring time and attendance, and with numbers assigned to certain employees, they also protect against fraud and time theft.