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The Case for Caring for Carers Too

Ensuring clients are satisfied is key to every organisation, yet none more so than in the world of social care, with this factor acting as the beating heart that the entire sector revolves around. Due to their dedication to the role, many employees working for care organisations often go above and beyond to ensure that each client is comfortable, healthy and happy with the service received. However, this can often be at the sacrifice of their own personal wellbeing.

Helen Sanderson, an author and expert in social care, healthcare and education addressed this issue in her recent blog post, ‘How can we work in ways that enable everyone to flourish?’ In it, she highlighted an article in The Guardian, giving an account of a day in the life of a care worker. While it was noted that the care worker referenced loved her job, this compassion was often pushed to the limit due to the challenges that the industry faces. This compassion is integral to the success of the sector, and nurturing it is vital.

Even with the best motivations, many care providers are left with no choice but to schedule back to back shifts, often with lengthy travel time in between due to the rising number of clients in need of home care as the workforce continues to demise. What’s more, shifts can be sporadic with staff unable to rely on guaranteed appointments each week, resulting in unstable pay. However, with the use of intelligent care planning systems, fortunes could change in the future.

While it is no secret that resources are stretched for many care companies, the key to maintaining quality care while also facilitating better practices for staff lies in utilising them effectively.

Digital solutions could provide the answer, using data and analytics to tailor operations such as scheduling, payroll and communication in order to improve the entire care sector. Andrea Sutcliffe, chief inspector of Adult Social Care at CQC (Care Quality Commission) echoed this thought earlier this year, commenting on the need to embrace digital technology.

Here at Unique IQ, we fully believe that with intelligent software, care provider companies can transform their operations. As a result, staff can enjoy more time to spend on clients, feeling satisfied in their role while analytics and HR features help to add security over shift patterns and pay.

IQ:careplanner was created to address these challenges. Alongside effective care plan creation and intelligent staff scheduling processes, assigning workers based on skillset, location and client preferences, it also offers a transparent overview of shift patterns on a weekly basis, includes living wage compliance technology and lone worker safety features, keeping staff confident and connected to their entire workforce.

Care providers must care for carers too in order to maintain ongoing success. Try a free demo of IQ:careplanner to learn how it can help.