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Can Business Analytics Improve Home Care Services?

In a world where we can collect data on almost any action we carry out in the workplace, business analytics should be viewed as an opportunity, rather than a threat. Many businesses are intimidated by the idea of collating masses of data from their working operations, but it’s now an almost unavoidable aspect of working life – they can either collapse under the weight of the data they’re collecting, or use it to create an edge over their rivals, boost profits and, above all, improve services for clients. In this blog, we’ll be examining how business analytics can be a crucial diagnostic tool for home care providers, how it can boost profits with effective strategies, and how it can boost the care services that elderly and vulnerable clients receive.

Firstly, we’ll look at finance. How can you use the data that you amass as a home care provider to hone your budgets, streamline payroll processes and boost profit margins?

Analytics on this scale gives businesses the ability to pull information from a number of different sources, comparing and cross-referencing them until they find a solution to a problem. If a home care provider wants to see where they should focus their next marketing drive, they can use their business analytics to gauge the areas where they make the most money from clients. Which areas have the largest volume of clients, and which areas yield the highest profit? If a business wants to utilise staff more efficiently during peak times, they can use the data they’ve accumulated through time and attendance solutions to gauge which staff members are working the longest shifts and, when cross-references with location data, they can come up with new shift patterns or schedules that allow them to fit in more clients during the busiest times.

Next, let’s look at client care. Can business analytics help home care workers make better, more informed decisions with regards to their clients? Can the collection of data on employee performance help businesses decide which worker to allocate to a certain client? Can a predictive, diagnostic system help to spot high-risk clients further in advance, allowing home care providers to adjust their service?

When it comes to business analytics, the more data there is, the more accurate the results. Many experts are now making a case for home care providers to start analysing the data they collect to better their services, provide a better client experience and even make working conditions better for their employees – the big data bandwagon is blazing a trail, and those who don’t hop on will find themselves left by the wayside.