The privacy risk

Earlier this month saw a homecare service in Wakefield placed under special measures due to a privacy breach[1]. The service was described as “unsafe” after they were criticised for a number of failings, including poor handling of a client’s personal and sensitive data.

Inspectors had noticed a skip outside of the location for the service (which was also reported as discarded) which included some documentation and other items such as office furniture. The documentation was inspected, and it related to one of the people who had received personal care from the service. When speaking with their inspectors they had acknowledged that sensitive information should not have been discarded into a skip.

Another failing that the service received was that one person had mentioned they did not always feel safe as the staff did not reliably turn up on time. These are just some of the criticisms that management received.

The digital solution

A digital solution can prevent these issues and help you to ensure you are handling privacy correctly and that your staff is arriving at appointments on time. By keeping a real-time record of everything, you can be ensured that your service is compliant with CQC regulations.

We provide digital solutions which help to prevent both risks mentioned in this blog, plus so much more.

The client/carer management section of our IQ:careplanner solution allows you to manage your employees and client’s key details with ease. One of the issues with the home care service mentioned in the article is that they did not properly handle the sensitive information about service-users, so having the client/carer information in one software reduces the risk of a data breach and eliminates any paper-based admin. Meaning that your service-user and employee’s information is kept secure and can be effectively removed when no longer needed.

When it comes to the punctuality of your staff, this can be hard to measure when your employees work remotely. One way that you can track your employees and monitor their attendance is with our IQ:timecard solution.

This software includes real-time alerts which means you can notify employees of upcoming shifts and alert your office staff when an employee is late or has missed a shift, meaning you can see a massive reduction in late appointments from staff.

Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) is also a feature that homecare businesses can benefit from as it allows you to check if employees are at their service-users location. Your employees can phone into our freephone telephony system to clock in and out a location, the telephony system uses landline verification not ensure that they are clocking in at their service-users location. This can also help you ensure that your employees are attending their appointments on time and are always where they need to be.

Is your business as up to date with procedures as it needs to be? Keep your business compliant with a digital solution and ensure that your service-users are satisfied. To learn more about our digital solutions for home care agencies, click here.