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A Quarter of all Sick Days Taken Credited to the Common Cold

The 2015 annual survey from Fisherman’s Friend Cold and Flu found that sick days are costing up to £4.53 billion, with a quarter of all sick days credited to the common cold. With the number of sick days taken in the UK increasing, IQ:timecard is helping managers and business owners manage the payroll throughout the winter months.

Additional research from Tetley Tea revealed that the average Brit suffers from three colds every winter, in addition to two sore throats and four headaches.

David Lynes, Director of IQ:timecard, says, “While it is unfortunate that so many workers have to spend time off sick, it is something that businesses have to be prepared for and deal with adequately. Companies should not encourage ill members of staff to come into work – this alternative could spread the common cold around the office and make more staff ill. Staff members who come into work when sick also cost the economy, as presenteeism is another growing issue.”

Winter can be a difficult time for businesses, as it’s not just illnesses such as the common cold which can leave offices with fewer staff members. Dangerous weather conditions, snow and ice can cause travel chaos and make workers late or absent more often than usual. When staff are paid hourly, this can cause problems for the accounts and payroll department which have to make sure each staff member is only paid for the work they have done.

IQ:timecard is a time and attendance solution which is automatically synced with payroll. The reliable management program clocks up hours worked for each employee over the week or the month, and automatically calculates how much staff should be paid. This makes the task of payroll much easier over the winter period when many workers are likely to have had at least some time off sick or lateness. Managers can rest knowing that staff won’t be overpaid, as the software logs exactly how many hours each staff member has worked.

Mr Lynes added, “Short term and long term sick leave affects all businesses – it’s how a business reacts and responds to it which can make all the difference. By implementing IQ:timecard, managers can see how many hours each staff member is working and who is off sick often, which could lead to further action.”