Give your payroll a spring clean

The payroll process is an area that can have a major impact on your business if not done correctly. Ensuring the payroll process runs smoothly and accurately every month is not only more efficient for the business, but it also keeps your workforce happy knowing that they are going to receive the correct pay each month.

If there is an error calculating payroll and employees receive the incorrect pay, or the payment is missed altogether, that has a significant impact on productivity as staff morale will be decreased. So, it is really important that payroll works like a well-oiled machine.

One of the best ways to ensure it does run like a well-oiled machine is by eliminating human error and letting a digitalised solution perform some of the basic tasks. With the elimination of human errors and automation of tasks, there is plenty to be gained by giving your payroll a spring clean.

Here are some of the benefits IQ:careplanner and IQ:timecard could bring to your business – 7 reasons to give you payroll a spring clean:

1. Accurate data

Clock employees in and out of scheduled appointments without any manual intervention, which means that the data acquired for payroll is 100% accurate.

2. Easy integration

The products are developed to integrate with most payroll solutions such as Sage and QuickBooks to ensure the whole process is seamless.

3. Mileage tracking

Mileage tracking also ensures that accurate staff mileage is recorded, so there are no over or underpayments raised. Also, because the mileage is recorded in real-time, the payment can be processed without unnecessary delays like the backlog of payroll admin. There is no need for manual processing of mileage expense claims.

4. Eliminate paper-based admin

The web-based solution logs time and records it digitally, meaning that there is no need to complete time-consuming paperwork. All staff have to do is log in through an app and within a matter of seconds their time is logged, meaning no time wasted.

5. Save time

No admin time for staff chasing employees for timesheets and no unnecessary delays related to the time it takes to submit and process timesheets.

6. Increased productivity

By eliminating payroll errors, there is no requirement for payroll staff to spend unnecessary time correcting the errors, which is an area of payroll that is highly time-consuming and costly.

7. Improve staff morale

By providing accurate, timely payments to all employees you can ensure that staff don’t get demotivated or frustrated with payroll errors. Making sure your employees get paid correctly and on time has a big impact on how happy your employees are and payroll errors can even cause staff to look for work with other companies.

The different solutions we offer go above and beyond what a team of manual payroll employees can do. As well as providing all these payroll-related benefits, our products provide a wide range of additional productivity-boosting, cost-effective results to your business.

Now is the perfect time for a payroll spring clean, request a demo and let Unique IQ revolutionise your business by improving your payroll systems.

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