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5% Of Councils Unsure Whether Home Care Workers Receive A Living Wage

As less than 5% of councils affirm their confidence that their home care providers pay a living wage, Unique IQ is continuing its push to ensure that all home care services comply with National Minimum Wage legislation. A report by ADASS (Association of Directors of Adult Social Services) found that 20% of councils are unsure whether their commissioned home care services pay their workers minimum wage, and just 5% of councils are confident that staff are paid for travel time.

Not being paid for travel time is one of the most common reasons for home care workers being effectively earning less than the minimum wage, and IQ:timecard, the leading workforce monitoring solution, is continuing to encourage all home care providers to remedy this, and fast. The government has proven it will name and shame the businesses that do not pay the appropriate wages, and with IQ:timecard’s unique NMW compliance reports, there are few excuses for businesses that attempt to pay their employees under the accepted threshold.

David Lynes, of Unique IQ, says, “We’ve embarked on a real push in recent weeks, to help bring this issue to the attention of more in the care industry. With the news that just 5% of councils are confident that the care providers they commission are paying a living wage, we’d like to encourage more of these services to take a look at their wage structures and payroll solutions.”

He adds, IQ:timecard has already proven itself to be a highly effective resource in the home care industry, and with the new reports we’ve implemented that help to flag up when employees are not being paid enough, we hope to reduce the number of workers in the sector who are carrying out extremely stressful jobs at less than the minimum wage.”

Non-compliance with the National Minimum Wage laws is currently a huge problem in the home care sector. It’s one of the main reasons why staff turnover is so high and this, in turn, reduces the continuity of care which is so important to the clients of these services. Dementia sufferers and other vulnerable people often grow accustomed to seeing the same carers walk through their door at certain times – and with more staff leaving the sector seeking higher wages or fair pay, it can result in clients becoming confused and disoriented.

IQ:timecard is a time and attendance solution that helps with all elements of payroll. The new reports allow employers to check whether they are meeting the correct pay thresholds for their workers, or whether they’re falling short. This is crucial for complying with the National Minimum Wage laws, and can contribute to a happy, thriving workforce, with staff who are dedicated to their work and will go the extra mile for their superiors.