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4 ways to become a better leader in 2017

As your employees are settling back into working life this January, you may notice a few changes as the results of their individual new year’s resolutions come into effect. Perhaps those with unorganised desks are now tidy, staff who were continually late are clocking in just in time, and lunchboxes may be filled with healthy snacks to aid detox and weight-loss efforts.  However, just as your staff are making positive changes, now is also a great time for you to review your management strategy, making steps to become a better leader in 2017.

Learn from others

This may sound obvious, but searching for management articles online is easier than ever in our digital age, making it a great way to learn some tips and improve your technique. Make your commute to work, your lunch break or your spare moments at home productive by getting lost in 5, 10 or 15 minutes reads from thought leaders in your sector.

LinkedIn is a fantastic place to start your inspirational online discovery, as well as leading web-based publications such as Business Insider, Forbes and more. What’s more, our blog is also filled with hints and tips to help managers across a wide range of sectors!

Understand your challenges

Every professional, in all positions and sectors will have areas that they find difficult to tackle – management is no different. Understand where your personal challenges lie in order to take effective steps towards beating them, becoming a better leader.

Re-asses your commitments

As a manager or leader, focussing on helping your staff work to the best of their ability should be your priority. Learn to delegate other tasks or re-structure your working days to reflect this, helping you to perform better while also mitigating the risk of burnout due to over-commitments and stress at work.

If you’re having trouble finding physical employees to delegate some of your day to day tasks to, investing in operational software could be the perfect solution.

Take interest in your employees.

A leader is responsible for understanding the needs of their employees in order to plan their day and manage them in a way that works for them. Take steps to get to know your workforce better in order to inform your personal management strategy for them.

What changes will you be making to improve your leadership strategy in 2017?

If re-assessing your commitments is one of them, speak to a member of the team at UniqueIQ today to learn how our software solutions can streamline tasks for management and HR departments.