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3 ways to manage remote workers better

People management is a difficult task at the best of times, requiring a specific set of personal skills and professional processes to help it run smoothly. However, in an age where technology and cloud computing has revolutionised the office space as we know it, more and more companies are operating with a remote workforce, making the role of managing this flexible team of employees even more challenging. If you’re looking for ways to shake up your current strategy, here are three ways to manage your remote workers better.

Focus on goals

When working in a physical office environment, workers are constantly reminded of your business and their personal goals to help them through their working day. Remote workers need to have these goals and expectations clearly re-iterated in order to keep focussed, motivated and productive. This can be done by implementing an online platform or working portal where their goals can be stated and workers can see how far off they are from reaching it.

Communicate better

When in charge of ensuring that important tasks get completed, it can be easy to slip into the habit of only communicating with your workforce about crucial, stress inducing topics. While this is necessary to keep your team productive, a good manager will also take the time to build a relationship with each member of staff. Not only will this boost morale, but it will help to give insight into aspects of the business that may have been previously unknown to you. For example, you may be about to discipline an employee due to bad performance, but after having a ‘catch-up’ conversation you find out that they have been coping with a family crisis, explaining the temporary dip in quality of work and informing the appropriate action to take. Tools such as Skype or other instant messaging services such as Whatsapp can be utilised to enable quick-fire conversations to help with this kind of friendly communication.

Embrace mobile technology

Just as developments in technology have facilitated this move towards remote working, it can also transform the way that these workers are managed. Workforce management solutions such as IQ:timecard act as a portal between management and staff, helping to give clarity on accountability and expectations, while further improving communication.  IQ:timecard is an app-based system, giving employees instant access to their expected working schedule for each week. With this data, service and productivity is greatly improved, making avoidable absence due to confusion a thing of the past.

If you want to learn more about how to manage your remote workforce better, request a demo of IQ:timecard today!