Christmas presents

3 reward ideas for remote employees at Christmas

As December is now well underway, the Christmas spirit is likely to have sprung for many of us in our personal lives as home are decked out with festive décor and weekends are spent catching up with loved ones. However, at Unique IQ we believe that this heart-warming seasonal feeling should continue in your working environment too.

With many workplaces slowing down as 25th draws ever closer, employers use this time to reward staff for their hard work throughout the year. This may be more difficult if you operate with a remote workforce, yet the need to show appreciation for your staff is even more important for flexible employees, boosting the team spirit and morale that is so important to your operations. If you’re in charge of a remote workforce, here are some ways to reward them this Christmas…

Give extra holiday

While common misconceptions may suggest otherwise, remote or flexible workers can have a tendency to work long beyond their allocated hours, with no commute or office closing times to force them to end their day. Even if they do so willingly, they will certainly be appreciative of some extra time off to re-charge their batteries and to show that you do notice the additional effort they put in.

Personal gifts

Christmas is the time for gift-giving, so what better way to reward your employees? Rather than reaching for the box of chocolates or bottle of wine, take the time to consider each member of staff to find a present to suit them perfectly. For example, if someone on your remote team is a busy mother, treat them to some bath goodies or, if budget allows, a spa day away from the kids! Alternatively, if they are mad about automobiles then a magazine or book about their hobby will show them that you genuinely care.

Throw a party!

The office Christmas party should be embraced, even if you have no physical office to use as a venue! Remote workers will appreciate the opportunity to meet co-workers who they may only ever have interacted with virtually, helping to bring teams closer together and keep spirits high. Something as simple as organising a meal out or buying tickets to a corporate event can help to celebrate Christmas in style.

However you decide to reward your employees this holiday season, get the New Year off to a great start and manage them efficiently with IQ:timecard. Once the mince pies have all been devoured, contact us to find out more!