Month: May 2019

How can Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) benefit YOUR business?

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When dealing with staff who work remotely, you want the reassurance that they are completing their visits and ideally you want to be able to monitor them. Investing in Electronic Call Monitoring (ECM) can help support the home care delivery your staff are providing. How does it do this? Well… Using a telephony system to… Read more »

How real-time alerts can help your business

When you have staff who work remotely, it can make it harder to manage them efficiently, especially if the information isn’t given to you straight away. In a world where communication is pretty much instant, the technology is there to help send and receive data just as instantaneously in your business. One of the frustrations… Read more »

Managing time with IQ:careplanner

Everyone has days when they wish there were more hours in the day, but how we use the hours that are given to us is vital to being successful – especially in the care industry. With the care industry becoming more and more competitive, it is important to understand the different aspects of time management… Read more »

Does fun REALLY aid productivity at work?

When it comes to the delivery your staff are giving, you want to make sure they are giving their absolute best. It’s no secret that an employee who is motivated, happy and enthusiastic about work is going to deliver their service better than somebody who is unmotivated, stressed and down. So, how do we make… Read more »

How to be a HR Hero

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HR is an integral part of any business, but in the care sector, it can be an area that isn’t given the attention it deserves. When looking at the areas of where your care company can be improved, HR may not be the first to spring to mind, but it’s important to streamline these functions… Read more »