Month: March 2019

Delegating hours to workers

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Managing your workforce is essential in creating and developing an effective team. Taking into consideration the multiple interests of your whole team and manipulating this to optimise performance can be difficult – but will essentially increase the overall productivity and communication throughout your company. To utilise this technique to your advantage, you must know how… Read more »

Keeping your workforce motivated

Employee motivation is very powerful to a business and workforces with higher levels of motivation achieve higher levels of productivity. If your workforce is more productive then this means that you are more likely to achieve your business goals and essentially be more profitable. Motivated employees are also more likely to show loyalty and commitment… Read more »

How incorrect payroll can damage your business

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Payroll is an area in your business that can have large consequences when it goes wrong, without you even realising it. If there is an error in calculating pay, there can be many repercussions for your business. These include: Loss of employee trust An employee that trusts their employer will be motivated to work harder… Read more »

7 reasons to give your payroll a spring clean

Give your payroll a spring clean

The payroll process is an area that can have a major impact on your business if not done correctly. Ensuring the payroll process runs smoothly and accurately every month is not only more efficient for the business, but it also keeps your workforce happy knowing that they are going to receive the correct pay each… Read more »