Month: November 2015

The secrets to happy and productive remote workers

Female smiling holding a coffee whilst working at home

Building a remote team can be difficult for an employer in any industry. Without frequent interaction and encouragement in a normal working environment, managers worry that remote workers can feel isolated or won’t be as productive, and there could be a loss of company culture. As a matter of fact, recent studies have actually revealed… Read more »

Is Sick Leave Putting Pressure on Your Business?

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Is Sick Leave Putting Pressure on Your Business? If sick leave and unauthorised absences are putting pressure on your business, then you’re not alone. PwC says that sick leave is costing UK businesses £29 billion a year, and it accounts for 90% of a company’s absence bill. We also take more sick days on average… Read more »

Does Company Culture Suffer From Remote Working?

Image saying Your culture is your brand

Does Company Culture Suffer From Remote Working? Like it or not, remote working is here to stay – but some businesses are still having a hard time seeing the benefits over the perceived pitfalls. Many managers still believe that having employees working remotely could compromise collaboration and halt productivity for their business; and indeed, one… Read more »

Will Ditching The 9-5 Make Us Work Smarter?

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Will Ditching The 9-5 Make Us Work Smarter? Working flexibly is something that many offices and other workplaces are now using as an employee perk – not just to attract and retain the best talent in their industry, but also to enhance productivity in the workplace. With so much advanced technology at our fingertips, employees… Read more »

IQ:timecard Calls for More Lone Worker Safety Policies

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Lots of industries rely on lone workers, but there is a worrying lack of effective safety policies in place, resulting in remote workforce management software company Unique IQ to call on companies and public sector organisations to do more to protect its staff. Around half of all convenience store workers, especially in smaller stores, report… Read more »

Over Half of British Workers Denied Flexible Working

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Over Half of British Workers Denied Flexible Working Does your business offer flexible working? It’s been one year since legislation was introduced to allow employees to request flexible working. However, research conducted by Microsoft reveals that over half of British workers are still required to work within the confines of the office during designated hours…. Read more »

4 Tips for Managing Security Guards

Security guard

4 tips for managing security guards Managing a mobile workforce is never easy, regardless of the industry, but managing security guards can be particularly difficult. This is because if you offer contract security services, your staff could be at different client’s sites over a vast area, and you can’t ensure they are all doing a… Read more »

Survey reveals more women take time off sick than men

Woman sleeping on bed with jacket and phone after hard working day at the hotel room.

Survey Reveals More Women Take Time Off Sick than Men The European Health Interview Survey (2015) has revealed a ‘sickie gender gap’ with results noting 36% of women compared to 27% of men have taken sick leave from work in the last year. The official stats, released this month, also exposed that although women were… Read more »