Month: August 2015

Making Temping Agencies More Efficient

Person holding a temporary work sign

There is no doubt that temping agencies have a lot of work to do, especially with more and more people coming through the door looking for work or a quick company solution. There is, however, no need to worry – check out the below for a selection of easy business improvement strategies. Outsourcing Letting go… Read more »

New Stats Reveal Presenteeism is Entrenched in UK Businesses

Woman holding files

New Stats Reveal Presenteeism is Entrenched in UK Businesses The latest research from One4all Rewards has revealed alarming statistics about the state of today’s employee mind-sets, with almost half of UK workers slogging it out at work despite being ill. Using intelligent remote workforce management technology, IQ:timecard is helping HR managers monitor clocked hours and… Read more »

The Other Side of the Living Wage


The Other Side of the Living Wage When Chancellor George Osborne announced an unexpected ‘living wage’ boost for low-paid workers, staff in the home care and cleaning industries rejoiced. In a bid to tackle poverty the Tories declared a minimum wage of £7.20 an hour for over 25s would be introduced in April 2016. By… Read more »

Trusting the Remote Worker

Businessman sleeping at desk in office

Trusting the Remote Worker As the modern economy has evolved businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on remote employees. From home care workers and cleaning professionals to salespersons and regional managers, the latest statistics from the ONS have revealed that dynamic working schedules are now a part of day to day life for an estimated 4.2… Read more »