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Unique IQ - Protecting Documents
by Peter - December Dec 16 11:51:04 GMT 2005

Protecting Documents

Did you know that if you want to restrict access to your documents or files you can assign passwords to them? This applies both to new documents and to those created and saved a long time ago. To make your work more secure, just follow these simple instructions:

Microsoft Word and Excel Documents use the same procedure.

1. Open the saved document or create a new document. Go to File - Save as.
2. In the Save as window, select Tools (at the right top corner of the window).
3. In the Tools drop down menu, select General or Security Options.
4. At the choose password prompt, enter your password and click OK.
5. Re-enter the password and click OK.
6. Click Save.
7. You can now close the document.

Every time you open the document, it will ask for the password