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Unique IQ Web Design Agency Riding high after re-brand initiative
by David - October Oct 24 10:01:08 BST 2005

Armed with a new name and new identity TL Business Solutions continues its innovative web development programme as Unique IQ: intelligence at work. The brand Unique IQ effectively communicates our commitment to applying intelligent solutions to complex commercial problems, providing a unifying apparatus from which to understand and deliver our clients' requirements.

The range of creative and technical services available under the Unique IQ umbrella are now divided into four distinct areas: IQ creative, IQ promote, IQ assist and IQ technical.

IQ technical is at the heart of what makes Unique IQ indispensable - the outstanding technical ability that covers every digital discipline, from content management to web-hosting, from e-commerce to software development. IQ creative focuses on providing highly impressionable web design with accessible content and simplicity of structure, while IQ promote ensures effective website marketing. IQ assist provides the support network vital for website maintenance, usability analysis and ongoing consultancy.

David Lynes, Managing Director of Unique IQ comments "Unique IQ's new, revitalised image powerfully reflects what has been our long-standing commitment to intelligent web solutions, delivered efficiently and cost-effectively and allows us a coherent platform from which to develop our skills and expand our customer base."