IQ:careplanner combines decade of workforce management software experience with innovative care planning insight

By 7th March 2017News and PR

UniqueIQ, a software development expert, launched its care focussed management system, IQ:careplanner in 2016. Although this product is the technology company’s first solution for the home care sector, IQ:careplanner is backed by over a decade of professional software expertise, as well as specific knowledge and insight gained from strategic acquisitions.

UniqueIQ’s sister product, IQ:timecard has been helping a number of industries, including home care, manage remote workforces efficiently since 2003. This experience and understanding of the sector was leveraged further as the company acquired Care Planning System, an existing care planning provider. Using this sector-specific knowledge and leading software development skills, it was able to develop IQ:careplanner, enabling effective, efficient care planning, set to transform the industry.

David Lynes, Director of UniqueIQ revealed, “The care and specifically, home care industry must utilise its resources including staff, time and money intelligently in order to help the sector thrive in the future. After working closely with care providers we understood this, which inspired us to develop IQ:careplanner. Now, more businesses are also recognising this requirement and there are other digital solutions launching that aim to solve this problem. Yet IQ:careplanner is now new, and is the product of long-term experience and real insight into the needs of consumers, resulting in a care planning system that is intuitive and most importantly, effective.”

In order to help it meet its goals, IQ:careplanner is packed with intelligent features for efficient care planning, as well as additional functionality to improve care provider operations. Unique to the system is its ability to schedule staff based on the appropriateness to each client – a feature that was shaped through its close relationship with the market. Using factors such as distance from visit, skillset, experience and qualifications, each client is ‘best matched’ to a career, ensuring quality care is received while unnecessary travel time and costs are kept to a minimum.

Functionality to produce automated care plans, as well as keeping track of mileage claims, invoices and create reports help towards improved care delivery for each of its clients, making IQ:careplanner a fully rounded digital care planning system, capable of streamlining a multitude of home care tasks.