How Important is Time Management in Great Home Care?

By 8th August 2017Blog
How Important is Time Management in Great Home Care?

Time management is one of the key skills that mobile workers in the home care industry must possess. They must have an innate sense of how long it will take them to carry out tasks, they must calculate how long they will need to get from client to client and they must use their time very wisely in order to provide clients with the care that they are due.

This can be a challenging task for those working on the front line of home care, who are busy flitting from house to house and attempting to meet the diverse needs of each and every client they visit. However, in home care, the most effective goals are often deliverable, rather than activity related. Employers and employees can work together to keep their time management running smoothly.

Of course, employees cannot manage their time efficiently if they are not being given the tools to do so by their employers. That’s why we have created our IQ:timecard solution to allow your mobile workers to get real-time alerts for any visits they have coming up and to keep them up to date with any visit changes. It also allows employers to see what work is being carried out, what is outstanding and any missed visits in real time. This means they can react quickly and work with their mobile workers to fix any situation quickly and efficiently.

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