Why HR Should Embrace Digital Technology (And How to Do So)

By 24th April 2017Blog
digital technology

In 2017, the traditional workforce has become something of a distant memory, affecting the jobs people are doing, when they are doing them and most importantly, where. Largely, this is due to the digital transformation that is changing the world, including every aspect of the world of work.

With this shift impacting so much about the way many businesses are run, it is essential that HR departments, responsible for managing the staff at the beating heart of each organisation, embrace digital technology too. Only by using these virtual tools is it possible to keep up with the demands and the changes to the workforce that are surfacing now, and will continue to arise in the future.

Digital natives

As a culture, humanity is becoming incredibly comfortable with mobile technology. According to Deloitte’s 2016 survey ‘Consumer usage patterns in the era of peak smartphone’, almost two-thirds of UK adults had access to a tablet by mid-2016, and almost half of UK them had access to at least one connected entertainment product. In the workplace context, this means that your staff are part of these figures and are using smartphones, tablets and more in their day to day lives. As the digital transformation continues to blur the stiff, conventional boundaries between work and personal lives, it makes sense to adopt digital HR technology that leverages of these highly used products.

Intelligent algorithms

As well as using digital, familiar technology to manage and communicate with staff, these intelligent virtual tools can in-turn give insights that it would be impossible to achieve using traditional, physical systems. Adopting digital technology means that every HR task will be aided by data and analytics, constantly recording, monitoring and measuring the information it receives.

Relevant format

Digital technology is fast, mobile and responsive. As the world of work becomes equally as dnamic, with flexible, remote working and hot-desking becoming commonplace, such a solution is necessary to successfully manage the staff operating within it. Continuing to use tools and processes that cannot quickly adapt to different working patterns and locations will limit your business in the future.

How to embrace digital technology in HR

IQ:timecard, developed by the team at UniqueiQ, is a simple but effective way for HR to unleash the benefits that digital technology can bring. Staff can interact with the software using a smartphone or tablet, while management operate a web-based dashboard to manage their workforce and analyse the data it generates. Using this intelligent tool processes such as staff scheduling, monitoring, payroll, evidencing service delivery and more can be managed efficiently, without the limitations of traditional HR tools. IQ:timecard operates on many PC and smartphone systems, meaning there is no need to update existing IT solutions within a company in order to enjoy the benefits that this digital technology can bring.

Learn how simple it is to utilise digital technology in your HR department today and discover how IQ:timecard works with a free demo – book online.